XIRA is abolishing the paid subscription model for legal tech tools by providing GAVEL complimentary to attorneys registered on XIRA. GAVEL is a single, centralized practice management platform designed for solo practitioners and small law firms to efficiently start and/or manage their practice.

GAVEL provides an end-to-end integrated solution, so your data never has to be moved or shared between different applications. The integration of practice management, invoicing, electronic payments, document vault, messaging, and online scheduling keeps all your data in one secure, encrypted location. GAVEL provides the highest level of data security for your firm and clients and gives you peace of mind by eliminating data fragmenting / crumbs across your devices.

XIRA continually enhances GAVEL with innovative functionality (such as electronic payment acceptance and coming soon – electronic signature capabilities) to help solo practitioners and small law firms automate administrative tasks, reduce operating costs, and increase revenues by spending more time doing actual billable work for clients.

By offering GAVEL for free, XIRA aims to improve solos’ and small firms’ billable time while reducing or eliminating unnecessary administrative burdens and overhead. We are expanding the addressable legal marketplace for attorneys and making law more approachable, affordable, and accessible for the masses.

Attorneys on XIRA have the freedom to use all or part of GAVEL’s capabilities and functionality for new and existing clients. Invite your existing clients to join XIRA today! You don’t need to wait any longer to start leveraging our intuitive, easy to use, practice management platform to simplify your operations and optimize your time.

Did you know GAVEL is always available via your mobile device?

No matter where you are or what time of the day it is, you can easily access your virtual law office whenever you choose.

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