by Michael Djavaherian

An important goal of XIRA’s platform is to increase access to justice for those who are currently not being served, or are underserved, by the legal profession as currently structured. By drastically reducing a lawyer’s overhead for things like office expenses and practice management software, XIRA allows lawyers to reduce their rates while maintaining the same net income. Through video conferencing that allows lawyers to reach out to clients from a wider area, and listings that inform a potential client about an attorney’s hourly rates, XIRA introduces competition to a business that previously had geographic limitations and very little price transparency. Competition also creates lower rates.

From the client perspective, by providing a simple and easy-to-navigate platform that permits them to interview multiple attorneys, usually for a free initial consult, and that helps them find a lawyer that is within their budget, XIRA enhances access to justice for those who previously felt intimidated when seeking an attorney. Many who were reluctant to pursue their legal rights will now feel empowered to seek help.

Efforts have been made in a number of states to introduce measures to increase access to justice. New York, Utah, Arizona and California are just a few of the many that have revised or are revising their rules around the practice of law to aid in achieving a better marketplace for all who need legal help. Now, XIRA is pleased to see that the US government is getting involved as well. President Biden has directed the Department of Justice to develop a plan to increase federal aid to publicly funded services, in order to increase access to justice in criminal and civil matters. The memo to DOJ also announces other steps to get the federal government directly involved in access to justice issues. The DOJ has 120 days to respond to the order.

Slowly but inexorably, we as a nation are moving towards reaching the goal that no person’s need for legal assistance will go unmet, and XIRA is proud to be a part of it.