Eek. Is this why bonuses are a little delayed this year?
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I’ve seen firms ask their partners to really focus on what their year-end is going to look like based on their current trajectory. So, I do think we always see a big push for collections at year-end, and it will be crucial to this year.

— Gretta Rusanow, head of advisory services for Citi’s Global Wealth at Work Law Firm Group, commenting on client payment delays during Biglaw’s year-end collection season. Rusanow said that partners are now asking clients for progress payments, and mentioned that firms have said “if it used to take 30 days for a payment, it’s now taking 60; if it used to take 60 days, it’s taking 90.” Through the first three quarters of 2022, Biglaw’s collections cycle has grown by 3.7%, which has led to a 10.4% growth in accounts receivable.

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