by Michael Djavaherian

XIRA is a site that provides tools that allows lawyers and firms to operate virtually and in the way that is best suited for them. Using XIRA, lawyers have everything they need to run a practice from an office, from a home office, from a vacation home in another state, or on the road while vagabonding around the world. It’s up to the individual to decide what works best for them.

However, even the most advanced services such as XIRA provides won’t be of much use to a lawyer if that lawyer doesn’t have clients. XIRA’s approach combines its practice management tools with a state of the art method of bringing clients directly to lawyers, allowing potential clients to access the lawyer’s calendar and schedule a meeting during a time when client and lawyer are both available. The meeting is held by videoconference on XIRA’s platform, and a majority of the time, results in a new attorney-client relationship.

Clients on XIRA have the opportunity to review the profiles of lawyers who are specialists in the area of law that they need help in. We provide space to link a biography, a video and educational background. What lawyers on XIRA need to do is make sure they are presenting the best possible profile, so when that client is searching for a lawyer, your skills, your experience, your history and your personal attributes stand out to them, and make them choose you. You need to let them know why you are their best choice.

I came across an article recently that described what lawyers need to do in a succinct and relatable way. They need to tell a story.

“Tell your story. Using personal stories to communicate a message is a very effective means to communicate a message. You want to inspire your potential client to take action. By sharing your story, clients better understand your law firm and why they should care how you can help solve their problems.”

The author, Iffy Ibekwe, explained that she provides estate planning services, and especially likes to assist women who are confused and anxious. To connect to her “ideal clients”, she shares how estate planning has impacted her life:

To understand my passion for estate planning, you may find it helpful to hear “my why.” My dad passed away without a will, and I witnessed my mom experience grief while tying up my dad’s estate in probate court and at a significant financial expense. After that ordeal, my mom immediately established her comprehensive estate plan to ensure that her agency was intact and secure her children. My mom’s actions changed the trajectory of our family. I followed my mother’s lead by setting up my first estate plan after my son was born. Estate planning remains one of the most emboldening decisions I’ve made; I carry that fire into my legal practice and want to show other women how to feel the same.

Our law firm is in your corner and personally understands your unique position and desires. We’d be honored to help you navigate your estate planning journey.”

That is a beautiful example of simple and honest marketing by an attorney looking to connect with clients. My advice to all attorneys on XIRA is to take advantage of the profile page that is provided to you on XIRA, and take a good hard look at the bio page under “my profile”. Does it tell your story? Your “why”? Is it cold and merely a recitation of personal milestones, or does it say something about who you are and what you have to offer your clients? Have you included a video to tell potential clients more about you and show your bright and bubbly personality?

XIRA gives you a profile page that for many small practices means you don’t need a separate web site. But you need to take advantage of it to the full extent possible, and make your passion stand out. When you do, you are sure to succeed.