software release notes

release 1.16- 1/28/2021

  • Includes capability for attorneys to add clients directly from ‘case’ creation screen
  • Adds ability for attorneys to send messages and upload files in Document Vault right after ‘case’ creation
  • Requirement to clients to provide contact data is now optional when client is invited to XIRA platform by an attorney
  • Improves robustness of Calendar connectivity
  • Enhances presentation of practice areas in search field for clients
  • Simplifies management of invoice transactions such as payment, debits and credits
  • Refunds are now processed offline as the system will not automatically process refunds

release 1.15 – 1/12/2021

  •  Adds capability for attorneys to track payments in XIRA received directly from client (e.g. via check or money order)  
  • suppresses notifications for 10 minutes when multiple events occurs in a row
  • Includes ability for attorneys to add/invite existing clients to XIRA
  • Expands search capability with client-friendly, descriptive terminology
  • Introduces new features for XIRA mobile app

release 1.14- 7/10/2020

  • Requirement for clients to provide contact data is now optional when scheduling free initial consultations
  • Adds drop-down menu for reasons an initial consultation is rescheduled / canceled
  • Introduces new features and updates for XIRA mobile app 

release 1.13 – 7/10/2020

  • Adds ability for attorneys to reschedule and cancel meetings within XIRA   
  • Clients ability to provide a review of XIRA’s platform added

release 1.12- 9/2020

  • Adds ability for clients to rate (5-star rating scale) and review experience with attorneys
  • Includes ability for XIRA to send systemwide messages to users
  • Customer support and ‘Contact us’ form updates
  • Content Management capabilities expanded
  • Introduces XIRA mobile app (iOS and Android)

release 1.11- 8/17/2020 

  • Includes Document Vault enhancements
  • Adds Messaging and Document Vault Notification capability
  • Federal practice areas added (Bankruptcy, Immigration, Intellectual Property, and Federal Tax)