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secure cloud-based practice management platform that gives you online scheduling, secure video conferencing, case management, automatic billing, electronic payments, document management, messaging and also helps bring new clients to you!

“super easy to use”


super easy to use

XIRA was very easy to use.  I was able to set up my account and connect my calendar quickly, enabling potential clients to search for me and then immediately schedule an initial consultation with me based on the times I had available in my online calendar

Thomas Sands

case management

has never been this easy. create any type of case, set the rate, your billing choice and let it all flow effortlessly.

automatic billing

use your time to make money and let xira do the billing. either let your logged activity automatically gets invoiced or upload your invoice and let xira sent to the client with notification and follow-ups to ensure a timely payment.

online scheduling

end phone tag forever. let clients pick an available time on your calendar, get meeting confirmation, reminder and video call links without you having to lift a finger

meeting hub

most secure place to discuss client case. video/audio conferencing is built-in for security and convenience to you and your clients. meeting link is automatically generated when clients pick a time to meet and is securely placed on your work calendar.


faster collection & healthier cashflow. in addition to being able to accept off-line payments your clients can quickly and effortlessly make electronic payments on their client portal.

smart document vault

send, collect & sharing documents securely & painlessly. you and your client can drag & drop docs to share or snap on their app and securely share that document. notifications are automatic and no need for follow-ups.

secure messaging

keep your client communications organized & safe. messaging replaces texting to your personal number while keeping the client's securely accessible.

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Typical Attorney Billable Hours


Billable Hours on XIRA

more billable hours

less wasted time

more time to do what you love

and keep enjoying

xira leads

highest quality leads

not the ones that are sold to everyone else

we market you directly to consumers looking for legal advice and bring them to you to book an available time on your calendar

available on any device

xira mobile app for lawyers

let easy lawyering begin