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Is there a charge for my existing clients to book time on my schedule?

None whatsoever. Your existing clients may use your profile page to schedule time with you and there is absolutely no charge.

Do I have to use the practice management tools?

Absolutely not. It's totally optional. You can meet and get new clients through XIRA and handle them on any software or system you currently use or prefer.

Is there a cost for me to add my existing clients?

No. We encourage you to utilize the XIRA platform to meet and manage all your clients, increase your efficiency and reduce cost.

What happens if I charge for my initial consultation?

If you charge for your initial consultation, we will collect that fee from the client when booking your time. The collected consultation fee less credit card fees will be deposited into your wallet.

How does the xira rating work?

XIRA uses a combination of client feedback and user behavior to determine its rating. Prior to establishing your rating, all newly registered attorneys are encouraged to submit their existing ratings from other sites to be used as their initial rating. You may submit that through your "my profile", "social circle" section.

What does an "active member" mean?

Active member is an attorney that is registered on the platform, has his/her calendar connected and is available to meet with new clients that want to book his/her time.

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