We can find out with your help.
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…to get folks to take a survey.

How do clients see the law firm ecosystem? Which firms do they trust and for what work? If you’re trying to build a practice, shouldn’t you know what lawyers clients trust in that space so you can shape your practice to compete?

And if you’re already on top, don’t you want as many people to know that as possible?

For the last few years, Above the Law has put together a Top Outside Counsel report featuring input from corporate counsel and in-house attorneys at around 440 companies, ranging from small and medium-sized private companies to large public corporations. For the 2022 edition, let’s really blow this out and get responses from the biggest cross-section of clients ever. The more information we get, the more illuminating this report will be.

Lawyers get a lot of survey requests and there are almost certainly in-house attorneys out there that just breezed over our request. So it’s time for outside counsel to do their part and make sure clients are participating in the survey.

It helps firms. It helps legal departments. There’s no reason we can’t get massive participation here.

Get them to the survey here.

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